Huawei watch fit. Huawei Watch Fit

It connects to one side of the plastic back of the Watch Fit, right next to the heart-rate sensor first rectangular smartwatch, starts receiving a new firmware update in the global market
64" rectangle AMOLED display and 280 x 456 HD resolution, HUAWEI WATCH FIT delivers an ultra-clear and wide viewing experience The former has a wider range of colours, including pink, green, and black

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This means that they may be used for shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or ocean.

Huawei Watch Fit
An altimeter is used in bands like the Garmin Vivosport to tell how many flights of stairs you walk up each day
Huawei Watch Fit
Huawei claims that you can get up to 10 days battery in 'typical use'
Availability may vary by region
It provides reliable fitness tracking, excellent battery life, and good performance There is some movement tracking in play here, largely for wrist based moves and it was accurate enough, but perhaps not always on the money
There are plenty of watch-faces to pick from both on the device and through the paired Huawei Health app on your smartphone Swimming The Watch Fit is fit to be used for open water and pool swimming and for the latter uses its motion sensors to track movement and Huawei's algorithm magic to dish out the swim-specific metrics

Huawei Watch Fit review

HOW TO UPDATE THE WATCH FIT: Connect the watch to your phone using the , open the app, touch Devices, touch the device name, choose Firmware update, then follow the onscreen instructions to update your watch if there are any new updates.

Huawei Watch Fit review: a top fitness tracker with smartwatch looks
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Huawei Watch Fit review: a top fitness tracker with smartwatch looks
As I said earlier, the Watch Fit is a superb little tracker for regular running
Huawei Watch Fit review: a top fitness tracker with smartwatch looks
The average was close, but the maximum heart rate was well off
It does seem to lack an altimeter to track elevation however The not quite full screen look worked for us
This certainly isn't Huawei's first attempt at a merging the two wearable worlds It looks like this could be some sort of software niggle that Huawei needs to take a look at

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We grew to like the not quite smartwatch-sized screen and it pulls some of the best things we like about Huawei's smartwatches.

Huawei Watch Fit review
Step tracking compared: Huawei Watch Fit left and Garmin fitness tracker right Core running metrics in general matched up with the Fenix 6 in terms of distance tracked and mapping
Huawei Watch Fit review: The skinny Apple Watch
The Watch Fit is super light, at just 34 grams 21 grams without the strap
Huawei Watch Fit review
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