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I don't play horror games The Nice one, Baby strategy is achieved with two players — a utility support and a core jungle
They are also experiencing the compelling results and rapid ROI that process automation is bringing to their organizations Move aside and strats, a new meta is sweeping! This is why Angela and Rafaela make the best combo

What's the 'Nice one, Baby' strategy, and why are so many MPL teams using it?

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for example, went with Estes and Rafaela when they beat Work Auster Force at the third week of
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This coined phrase has since exploded in online communities, so much so that even MPL casters Manjean and Rob Luna use it on broadcast.

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Credit: Moonton When this Nice one, Baby strategy is adopted to competitive play, teams tend to run up to two healing support heroes in their lineup
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I just got that idea about how people are over reacting to much No offence
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Typically, the support player will use Angela or Rafaela for this strategy to work, while the core jungler picks high damage assassins such as Ling, Gusion, or Fanny
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