Team x. Team X (Earth

— Debuted in September 2016 in the 7th Generation — She has a concurrent position in SNH48 Team X
Although little is known about what the team did while they were active, it is known that most of the team had their memories wiped after almost every mission After arriving at the village, Team X interrogated the villagers at gunpoint

Team X

— Debuted in January 2015 in 4th Generation.

Team X
— Her nicknames are LuEr 鹿儿 and Small Deer 小鹿
Flexibility Team X said that the essential phenomenon of cities is not growth, but the change - therefore urban structures should be designed willing to grow and change
JPL Team X
Team X The group then became intensely familiar with one another as they performed numerous missions abroad, enough to refine their fighting styles in tandem with each other's abilities
— Her nickname is 妹妹 Mei Mei Stryker visited two other mutant soldiers court-martialled after murdering their commanding officer in Vietnam, and , and offered them both a position in the team he was assembling
— She was active in SNH48 since 2018 — Her specialities are singing and Japanese

JPL Team X

— Her hobbies consist of: photography, watching movies, skateboarding, hip hop and Japanese.

Team X (Team)
- Logan had his memory wiped after every mission
Team X (Earth
A clear example of this attitude is the Project for Reconstruction of Coventry, where aerial structure and continuous proposal by Smithson passes over the ruins, without any intention to rebuild the lost form or seeing the remains of the cathedral as another thing a monument, a beautiful work of the past, as considered modern thought
Team 10
— Demoted to IDOLS Ft on April 25, 2019 due to scandal
, border guards and internal security to deliver an abort mission orders from the very top of the food chain Later, Wolverine successfully escaped the where he was experimented on in , , while Mastodon retired, Wraith was employed by the U
— Her nickname is Taozi 桃子 Stryker then expanded the focus of Team X's brief to revolve around hunting other mutants across the world and bringing them in for experimentation as part of Stryker's military programme

Team X (Team)

Once there, killed most of the guards present on the floor.

Team 10
— She took a hiatus from SHY48 in 2018 but returned 5 months later
Team X
They will say that is not about finding the way in the city but knowing that one is someone living somewhere
JPL Team X
— Debuted in April 2017 in SHY48 2nd Generation