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We strive to be a positive force in the world and to make a lasting impression — today and for the generations to come Together we grow and expand our businesses, and explore new ways to do it in a socially and environmentally responsible way
You are the IKEA voice From the products we put out there to the people we hire, our aim continues to be a purpose-led company with a passion to create a better everyday life for the many

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Discover new horizons, push boundaries and explore uncharted territory.

Inter IKEA Group
Hanging the Picture Frame on a wall takes a bit more patience
To us, our suppliers and service providers are some of our most important partners for development
Ikea to Build an Entire Neighborhood Near London
There are options for concealing the cord, but none are ideal
Although the FSC is an independent organization without concrete legal authority that relies on voluntary participation, its green label, found on books, furniture, tissue paper and other products, has become crucial for exporters around the world who want to reassure large buyers and governments that their wood is legally sourced, as well as for , like Ikea, looking to import wood from firms that abide by environmental regulations Want to make a deal? In every place and in every channel where IKEA speaks
Working together to drive change Having a positive impact on people and the planet is deeply ingrained into every action we take You help make IKEA an innovative and modern brand

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You take pride in seeing everyone around you grow and develop.

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Each speaker has a power-in and a power-out port, so you can run both speakers off of a single power outlet
IKEA Hackers
With new priorities emerging everywhere and all at once, the way we will live in the future now looks dramatically different
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Long hailed as one the premiere wireless music speakers, Sonos allows you to pair and stream tunes from a myriad of top music platforms, Internet radio stations, and directly from your device, all through the Sonos app